Both: Consileon is a master of integration

Efficient business processes require seamless interaction between a wide variety of IT systems. Consileon links isolated solutions via a modern, future-proof integration architecture that can be adapted and expanded as needed. Unlike many vendors who advise adapting the process to the capabilities of the software, we recommend the exact opposite and adapt the software to the processes.

We believe that IT must be aligned with the user’s business model and strategy. It is essential to combine the strengths of the individual systems via an integration architecture to form an overarching application that maps all the work steps of a process end-to-end. We integrate your systems according to proven architectural styles such as SOA, ESB or microservice architectures. In this way, your functions can be recombined and extended in the shortest possible time. New applications can be integrated quickly and legacy systems can be protected through encapsulation. Our experienced consultants not only focus on the current problem, but always think holistically: Which change affects which process and what does that mean for the future?