The Consileon Group: Alone good, together world class

The crew of Consileon Digital Xperience GmbH, in short: Consileon DX, has known each other longer than the company has existed. They used to sail under a different flag, as fintechcube GmbH, founded in 2015, and have been part of the Consileon Group since the beginning of 2022. With around ten employees, it may be the smallest subsidiary, but it has made a name for itself as a specialist unit for innovation and creation, user experiences and design with great fintech know-how.

In this interview, former fintechcube founder and current CDX partner Florian Oswald explains how both clients and the Consileon Group benefit from the skills of Consileon DX and why it is fun to work for the Munich-based digital agency.

For which challenges is Consileon DX the right contact?

Thanks to our company history, we know our way around not only the world of finance, but also the world of technical possibilities. In the meantime, word has spread. We advise many companies on setting up their own fintech solutions and link them to existing core banking or portfolio management systems. We also have a wealth of experience in implementing systems and modules from partner companies such as finAPI or

We always work in a user-centric way, which includes simple user interfaces, a clear structure and intuitive menu navigation of tools, landing pages, apps and the like. With our “design first” approach, we manage to immediately present our customers with a product they can experience. Our three UI/UX designers are therefore in high demand, also within the Consileon Group!

For a few months now, we have also been offering support in website quality assurance. In order to help our customers gain a competitive advantage through accessibility and content optimisation, we work closely here with our software partner Siteimprove.

What is your USP? What are your “superpowers”?

We have an above-average passion for creative product development and lots of experience in digital products. We also bring an entrepreneurial mindset and a lean start-up mindset. That means we don’t just do what is asked. We really want to understand the problem, we think along with it and always look for the very best solution for customers and users.

Since we have become part of the Consileon Group, we have another superpower up our sleeve, namely the unbelievably large wealth of IT experience from a wide range of projects and access to almost 500 experts from various fields.

How do you approach a new project? Do you have any special ways of working?

What is special about us: We always start immediately to visualise the task, the topic – be it with a flowchart or with a small click-dummy. It is important to understand what the client wants and imagines. This creates trust and understanding. A shared vision is the basis for every assignment.

What distinguishes you as a team?

As a small team – a mix of project managers, product designers and creative design heroes – we always work in an agile and solution-oriented way. Since we have known each other for many years and can rely on each other, we don’t need a lot of overhead, but can be there for our clients in a targeted and effective way.

It never gets boring with us! We see ourselves as limitless solution creators and are lucky to be able to work on so many exciting and always new topics and projects. Our corporate philosophy is characterised by values such as honesty, sincerity and passion. We live these values internally and also towards our customers.