Again in 2021: Consileon honored as “Beste Berater” (engl. Best Consultant)

For the seventh time in a row, Consileon has managed to be named Beste Berater in the brand eins and Statista rankings. Since 2015, we have managed to be among Germany’s top consultancies thanks to positive reviews from clients and recommendations from colleagues.

The evaluation by the statistics portal Statista and the business magazine brand eins surveyed more than 8,000 partners and principals (of whom 2,334 completed the questionnaire) as well as 234 senior executives from DAX-listed companies and 1,100 from other companies. The management consultants themselves had to indicate which colleagues they would recommend, although self-referrals were of course excluded. The customers surveyed then assessed the consulting firms on the basis of their own experience.

A total of 307 companies and 7 consultant networks emerged from these two surveys that can call themselves Best Consultants 2021. These come from a total of 16 industries and 18 fields of work.

In addition to Consileon, syracom AG and ajco solutions GmbH, both members of the Consileon-Gruppe, won the coveted award for the second time.