As is often the case, asset management is in a period of upheaval.  Customer individualization is becoming increasingly important in the face of existing regulatory and cost pressures. In addition to increasing regulatory requirements, concise external influences are affecting the minimum requirements to be met by asset managers. A key focus here is the topic of sustainable finance , which aims to manage capital flows for investments in such a way that the goals of the UN and the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 are achieved. Clients also want to know to what extent the various investment products can support their personal sustainability goals and demand corresponding transparency at all investment levels. 

A second focus is on modularization and optimization of the value chain of asset managers. Target operating models (TOM) must be adapted and further developed in line with changing market conditions and technical progress. In addition, the company’s own cost situation must be broken down to the product level in line with the source of the costs in order to be able to introduce effective measures for an improved cost-income ratio.

Digitization as a third focus is an important support tool here. In addition to an optional, digital supply side, the digitization of product life cycle management in an end-to-end view is a central topic. The tokenization of assets is also becoming increasingly important – right up to the complete shift of the custody chain to the blockchain.

All key topics require expert knowledge supported by adequate change management tools.

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