…and nature 

For Consileon, sustainability is one of the most important aspects of modern business life. For 20 years now, concern for future generations has determined our actions. Thus, Consileans (before the Covid crisis) could always be found travelling by train and not by car or plane. In our various locations, we take great care that energy is not wasted. We compensate for our carbon footprint, which we leave behind despite all our care, by supporting atmosfair projects that ensure that our descendants will still find a habitable planet.  

Our employees are also concerned with the topic. For example, our Financial Services team is publishing a study on sustainability in finance. In two surveys, experts from the financial world gave their views on the topic of ESG (Environment Social Governance) and how it can drive the industry forward. You are welcome to order both parts of the study here

To further underline our commitment to the environment, we are supporting the bee pasture project in the FFH area Oderhänge Mallnow on the initiative of Stefan Plagemann, Sales Manager of our subsidiary FiANTEC. The farmers Reiner and Paul Klemke provide an area of arable land there, which is cultivated with the flowering seed mixture Brandenburger Bienenweide. It goes without saying that the owners of the land do not use mineral fertilisers or pesticides. In this way, everyone involved wins: 

  • The arable soil can recover because their owners refrain from sowing demanding crops for a year.  
  • The bees of our colleague Stefan Plagemann find an ideal habitat.  
  • The project also promotes biodiversity in the FFH area Oderhänge Mallnow, as all animals can develop completely freely here for a year.  
Die Oderhänge Mallnow am 12. Juli 2021

In addition, our colleagues from Consileon also benefit from our sponsorship of the bee pasture. For every acre of land you sponsor, you get one kilogram of the best honey. For your health – and your nerves.